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Okay time to post mad shit for tonight about everything on my mind.

Well for starters Law Abiding Citizen..I’m sure it hurts like fuck to burn that way..but he’s a badass for dying in flames like that..

It was beautiful.

UM. So I don’t wanna admit it but I’m upset this kid hasn’t text me..I mean he’s camping but he can update his facebook status. Cool.

Uhh I’m not so sad or upset about eddin being in a relationship & that I had no chance, its all good.

Its been good forever but wanted to say it out there I guess, just wish I wasn’t shunned out, wasn’t on purpose but its how it feels or felt.

What else..uhh that moment keeps playing in my head, -___- whatever though. Ill get over it.

Yeah well imma shower, tomorrow is the All Stars Tour, sooo I’m excited..

My dads a pain -_-.

Okay good night :* bye my loves..

If you want leave me something sweet. :)


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